Anchor Points: Chris Spooner

I’m sure everyone knows who Chris Spooner is, but if you don’t recognize the name you will probably recognize his work and tutorials. Chris writes Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials as well as other creative topics on In addition, Chris runs Line 25, a creative web design site. Chris was kind enough to give us a little industry insight and let us know why he would like to use the Pathfinders tools in everyday life!

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Anchor Points: Rubens Scarelli

Rubens Scarelli

Rubens Scarelli, also known as Rusc, is an amazing artist hailing from Brazil. He creates clean vector soaked designs and illustrations with an organic impression only accomplished through non-digital techniques. Rubens was kind enough to chat with Vectips so peruse the chat to read some of the most informative answers in the Anchor Point series!

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Anchor Points: Travis Price

I’m a huge fan of Travis Price’s work. His work is a satisfying blend of nostalgic textures, strong strokes, and affable character design. He works as a freelance illustrator and also runs a small independent kids label with his wife, Renee. I’m sure you will recognize his work from a number of Vectips Weekly Inspiration posts and hope you are excited to read our little chat. Also, there is more of his great work to check out!

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Anchor Points: Sharon Milne

I’m sure most of you know Sharon’s work from some of Vectips’ Inspirational posts, a bunch of tutorials and articles on, her volunteer work over at deviantArt, or her tutorials on Inside Adobe Illustrator. She does some pretty amazing work with Adobe Illustrator so peruse the chat a learn a little more about her!

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Anchor Points: Tom Whalen

Tom Whalen

Anchor Points is a series of quick chats from mainstays of the vector art community and today we are chatting with Tom Whalen, also know as Strongstuff. Tom’s work has made a regular appearance on many of the Weekly Inspiration posts. I love Tom’s use of prominent shapes, an engaging color pallet, and pop culture references in his huge body of work.

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