Did You Know: Symbol Layers

Symbol Layers

This post is like a quick tip, but it focuses on helpful Illustrator features. Did you know that Illustrator CS5 Symbols contain their own layers! Symbols in CS5 have an independent layer order so you can create sublayers in the Layers panel for symbols when in symbol editing mode. Pretty cool.

Quick Tip: Persistent Libraries

This was a tip I mentioned on Vector Mill but it’s worth repeating if you haven’t heard about it. Here is the thing, I use a bunch of custom swatch, brush, graphic styles, and symbol libraries but they will disappear every time you exit Illustrator. Do not fear, there is a easy solution to keep these available¬†every time¬†you launch Illustrator!

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Quick Tip: Quickly Preview Graphic Styles

Preview Graphic Styles in Illustrator

I’m sure by now you all know that I love using the Appearance panel and Graphic Styles in Illustrator. In one document I can have a number of similar and complex graphic styles and the thumbnail image in the Graphic Style panel doesn’t always represent the style as good as I would like. Luckily you can quickly preview a graphic style on a selected object!

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Adding Security to PDF Files in Illustrator

PDF Security

Illustrator is great for creating logos, illustrations, identity packages and much more. After you have created your project in Illustrator it is super simple to save it in PDF format, making it easy for proofing with clients. When proofing projects with clients, you usually don’t want the client to have access to editing or copying the files until you have received payment for the project.

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