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I’m sure many of you will recognize Hyaku’s work from some of our Weekly Inspiration Posts. Hyaku is the Japanese based team of Illustrator Hyaku Aya and Art Director Hyaku Shingo. Together they create chic modern vector illustrations. Even though English is not their native language, Hyaku kindly agreed to chat with Vectips. Read on for insights and inspirational art!

The Chat

Hey Hyaku, thanks for chatting with Vectips! To start, could you tell us a little about yourselves?

We are based in Tokyo, Japan.
Hyaku Aya (illiustration & character design)
Hyaku Shingo (art direction)

When I was child, I liked drawing a picture and making a story with a doll. After having graduated from an art school, we worked at graphic design office. We started work of the freelance. We named it “hyaku”.

We have been hand drawing illustrations since we were students, and learned vector illustrations by ourselves after we graduated. We started working as an illustrator right after we graduated.
During this time, we learned the ways and techniques necessary for this job.

If you could magically turn into a Illustrator tool, what tool would it be and why?

I want to know the method which software does not freeze!

What’s your favorite Illustrator technique?

My favourite is pen tools to create sharp line and a vivid color.
I do not know the other technique.

Do you use any non-digital tools in your work?

I sketch a draft on paper. I do not use the non-digital tool except it.

What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

We find our inspiration from fashion, movie, MANGA, toys and dolls.
Musical “Cats”, Movie “STAR WARS” “Godfather” “Blade Runner”
“Pulp Fiction” “Apocalypse Now” “Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Thanks again for the interview! Any parting words of wisdom?

A vector is only one of the tools. The most important thing is your enjoying yourself and drawing freely.

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