About Vectips

Vectips is a site dedicated to Adobe Illustrator® tips, tricks, and tutorials. Whether you are a seasoned Illustrator user or just starting out, Vectips can help.

Vectips was designed by, Rype (Ryan Putnam) but is now owned and maintained by Kevin Sanderson.

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Contribute to Vectips

Vectips welcomes any illustrators, designers, and developers interested in contributing tutorials, articles, tips and tricks, and freebies.

Why Contribute to Vectips?

  • Give something back to the design community.
  • Generate traffic to your website.
  • Show off your skills
  • Become famous! Well, maybe not movie star, but you will get your name out in the design community!

What To Contribute?

Vectips accepts articles, tips and tricks, and tutorials about Adobe Illustrator and Vector art. In addition to written works, Vectips accepts vector freebies, Illustrator brushes, Illustrator Graphic Styles, Illustrator Plug-Ins, and Illustrator Scripts.


  • Contributions must be original.
  • Contributions must be exclusive to Vectips


First, submit your idea through the handy form below. If it is a tutorial, please include a final image. Once approved, you will be sent more information.

Work With Vectips

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