Insta-Art: Wow Your Friends with this Mosaic Vector Effect

martini glass vector

To create the 3D mosaic vector effect we will use the Halftone effect of the Phantasm plug-in and then we will learn how to automate work in Adobe Illustrator using the Action feature. Long sequences of commands, effects and filters with multiple parameters can easily be replaced with the work of the action, which lasts no more than 5 seconds! At the end, you’ll be able to create instant works of mosaic art with this mosaic vector tutorial.

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Bubble Lamp Vectors and Easy Glass Effects

lamp vectorIn this lamp vector tutorial, you will learn how to create a Bubble Lamp Vector by applying a semi-realistic glass texture effect, which you could then transfer to so many other projects. You will learn how to combine the Clipping Mask and the Gaussian Blur in order to create shadows and highlights to your lamp vector illustration, and you will also learn to use the Pathfinder Panel and the Transparency Panel. Let’s begin!

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