Create Your Own Folded Prize Tag Vectors!

tag vectors
Announce a contest or shop giveaway’s results in style with these folded, dimensional prize tag vectors. In this tag vectors tutorial you’ll skew objects with the Shear Tool, create custom brushes, use radial gradients in the place of drop shadows, and alter an object’s Blending Mode to render objects and strokes within the image.
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10 Steps to Create Flat Longboards in Adobe Illustrator

12-longboardsSummer is in full swing! And it’s a perfect time to grab your longboard and go cruising outside. Let’s dedicate this tutorial to our fancy vehicles and learn to create colorful vector longboards in Adobe Illustrator! We’ll go through a descriptive process, building and modifying simple geometric shapes, working with Clipping Masks, Stroke and Pathfinder panel. Let’s get started!

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More Than a Box: Tips for Creating a Cardboard Vector Texture


In this tutorial we’ll learn how to create a Cardboard Vector Texture by using the Wrinkle Tool and graphics texture. Today you’ll also find out how to edit and apply native Adobe Illustrator’s patterns. Cardboard vector textures are pretty hot these days and they are being used in abstract backgrounds and product designs and that’s why creating your own texture will be super useful for you in future. Have fun going through our new vector tutorial!

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Exclusive iStock Promo Codes – July 2016

istock promo codeThe temps are really starting to heat up this summer, and so are the deals from our friends over at iStockphoto! Right now, Vectips readers can save 15% off any of iStock’s subscription plans or save 10% off any one of their credit packs with a new iStock user account! Typically with these types of offers, a minimum purchase amount is required to take advantage of the savings. But with these offers, no minimum purchase amount is required, so you can choose to save on the plan that fits your needs best.

Also iStock is offering another great bargain–you can get 10 images for $40. This offer doesn’t require a coupon code and is available everyday, but since it’s such a good value, we wanted to be sure our readers heard about it as well.

So if you’re in the market to save time and money (who isn’t, right?), then take advantage of one of these offers today!

Feel free to leave a comment below with how much you saved with this coupon code.

Click to Reveal iStock Promo Code: 10% Off All Monthly Subscriptions for New Users
Click to Reveal iStock Promo Code: 15% Off All Monthly Subscriptions
10 Images for just $40

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