Stay Home and Draw a Cozy Interior Scene in Adobe Illustrator

Interior Scene Thumbnail

In this tutorial we’ll be designing a cozy interior scene with a sofa and a lamp. For this kind of illustrations in a flat style we’ll be modifying basic geometric shapes with the help of the most useful Adobe Illustrator tools. Such images are widely used in web design and mobile apps as they are simple and easy to perceive. Let’s get started!

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Bubble Lamp Vectors and Easy Glass Effects

lamp vectorIn this lamp vector tutorial, you will learn how to create a Bubble Lamp Vector by applying a semi-realistic glass texture effect, which you could then transfer to so many other projects. You will learn how to combine the Clipping Mask and the Gaussian Blur in order to create shadows and highlights to your lamp vector illustration, and you will also learn to use the Pathfinder Panel and the Transparency Panel. Let’s begin!

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How to Create a Cowboy Badge Icon

cowboy badge icon thumbnail In today’s tutorial, we’re going to take a close look behind the process of creating a cowboy badge icon and see how we can create one of our own using nothing more than some basic geometric shapes that we will adjust here and there.

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How to Fire Up Your Designs Using This Fire Text Effect

fire text effect thumbnailIn this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create custom vector fire. We’ll use custom art brushes, and will alter shapes with the Blend Tool and manipulate the look of your strokes and objects with Blending Modes in order to create a text treatment that is on FIRE. With the recent changes made to the Pencil Tool, mouse users will have no trouble following along, so fire up Adobe Illustrator CC and let’s get going.

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How to Draw a Coffee and Donut Vector in Adobe Illustrator

coffee and doughnut vector thumbnail

In this tutorial we’re doing to depict a delicious combo and by that I mean a cup of hot coffee and a sweet frosted donut. We’ll be using some basic geometric shapes that allow us to achieve a simple yet trendy flat style. What is more, we’ll get to know some of the most useful tools of Adobe Illustrator that will help you to create any shape or form for your future designs and illustrations. Without further ado, let’s get started with our coffee and doughnut vector!

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