How to Draw a Running Shoe Achievement Icon in Adobe Illustrator

Running Shoe Achievement Icon thumbnailIt’s the perfect time of year to start running! Let’s get motivated and create a running shoe achievement icon in a trendy flat style! We will be working with basic geometric and use various tools and functions of Adobe Illustrator to make the shapes work together, building a balanced composition with dynamic elements. Ready, steady, GO!

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How to Draw a Cartoon Space Bunny in Adobe Illustrator

Space Bunny Thumbnail

We live in amazing times when people launch rockets into space and walk on the Moon. Let’s dream a bit about the future when we’ll be able to explore the deep space even further and visit other planets! In this tutorial we will create a cute bunny space-explorer. We’ll be modifying simple geometric shapes and manipulating the most useful tools and function of Adobe Illustrator to design a stylized character who is ready for his first space adventure! 3… 2… 1… Go!

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How to Draw a Stylized Flat Car in Adobe Illustrator

stylized flat car thumbnail

In this tutorial we’ll draw a funny cartoon car in a simple stylized flat car. We don’t actually need any advanced drawing skills or even a tablet to create this stylized object as we’ll be working with basic geometric shapes and the most useful tools of Adobe Illustrator. Such simple and trendy illustrations are perfect for splash screens of mobile apps and for designing landing pages. Let’s get started!

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