How to Create a Recorder App Icon

recorder app icon Thumbnail

Starting with this project, we’re launching a new series of Figma based tutorials, in which we’re going to explore how to create designs using a completely different tool than what we’ve used so far. So, if you’re as excited as I am, grab a hot cup of coffee and let’s jump straight into it!

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How to Create Isometric Vector Infographic Elements

Isometric Vector Infographic Elements

Today you’ll find out how to create isometric vector infographic elements with the help of 3D effects. During our tutorial, we will create a Layer chart, Column and Pie graphs. Moreover, here I’ll tell you how to draw eight simple 3D isometric shapes. I hope this will help to expand your opportunities in creating isometric vector infographic elements. Let’s get started!

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How to Create a Settings Icon

Welcome back to another Illustrator based tutorial, in which we’re going to take a quick look at the process of creating a settings icon, and see how we can take some simple shapes and turn them into finished usable product. So, assuming you already have Illustrator up and running, let’s jump straight into it.

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