5 Copies of The Adobe Illustrator CS4 Wow! Book Up For Grabs

The Adobe Illustrator CS4 Wow! Book

I just got my Adobe Illustrator CS4 WOW! Book in the mail today and I have already started thumbing through, bookmarking, and reading it. Even cooler, I was one of the writing and art contributors in the book! Even if I wasn’t a contributor to the book, I would be just as excited for it to come out. If you haven’t gotten you Illustrator CS4 Wow! Book, here is your chance to win a copy from Peachpit!

The Adobe Illustrator CS4 Wow! Book

About The Adobe Illustrator CS4 Wow! Book

Adobe Illustrator is the indispensable vector drawing tool used by digital artists around the world. As a key component of Adobe Creative Suite 4, Illustrator CS4 provides those artists with powerful drawing tools, unparalleled typographic controls, and much more. The award-winning Adobe Illustrator Wow! Book is back to inspire and teach all those artists. With its practical, yet beautiful examples, this book focuses on real-world tips, tricks, and techniques extracted from the artwork of more than 100 of the best Illustrator artists. Along the way, the book incorporates new Adobe Illustrator CS4 features, including the Blob Brush tool, multiple artboards, transparency in gradients, in-panel appearance editing, and more.

I am a huge fan of the WOW! series, and again, that is not just because I contributed to the book. The Adobe Illustrator CS2 and CS3 WOW! Books are essential tools in my Illustrator training. They live right next to my desk, easily accessible for almost any question I have about Illustrator. Just look at my raggedy CS3 copy!

The Adobe Illustrator CS3 Wow! Book

How to Win

  • Simply leave a comment on this post and let us know what section of the book you are most excited about. To view the book’s Table of Contents, head over to The Adobe Illustrator CS4 Wow! Book Peachpit page and look at the Sample Content.
  • Contest begins on June 25th and ends on Thursday, July 2nd.

What You Will Win


  • Leave a comment to enter.
  • Tell us which section of the book you are most excited about.
  • Only comment once.
  • Please leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • Entries will be accepted until Thursday, July 2nd.
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331 thoughts on “5 Copies of The Adobe Illustrator CS4 Wow! Book Up For Grabs

  1. Estoy tan interesado en el libro que soy el segundo en escribir en español!!!
    Me gustaria tener el Wow! y saber mas de ilustracion y web
    nosiendo mas saludos y felicitaciones por esta pagina tan interesante. Saludos desde Bogotá. Colombia

  2. would love to see more info on the appearance palette and a more intuitive (perhaps example or recipe driven) pathfinder.

    great blog! thanks for the resource. [m]

  3. I love the WOW series … usually check them out from my local library.

    I’m excited about the Live 3D Effect section.

  4. WOW! Had an older version but someone stole it…. If I only would have protected it like I would this one….

    Please I am up for begging….

  5. hi!

    really want to look at the Adv Techniques section of the book!

    might even buy it if i don’t win

  6. Have seen these Wow! books and they are amazing!
    Jam packed with excellent tips & tricks & ways of doing a project that you may have never considered.
    I am most excited about the Advanced Techniques section,
    as I know there will be new ways of doing difficult tasks in a more simplified manner.
    Very cool.

  7. Beyond Basics, Transparency and Advanced Techniques would keep me glued to my wacom pad!! Vectips & Peachpit rock!!

  8. i like to have one among the five ppl. iam multimedia student ,and i need this one .
    these i should learn:
    2 Zen
    4 Beyond Basics
    5 Brushes, Symbols
    7 Type
    8 Blends, Gradients
    10 Live Color
    11 Live Effects, Graphic Styles
    12 Live 3D Effects
    13 Adv Techniques

  9. Me needs it! Me needs braaains! Me needs knowledge! Me needs the Advanced Techniques real baaad! @_@ *starving*

  10. Seriously, I’m just excited about the BASICS! I have a pretty good grasp on ID and PS, so learning AI will definitely add to my arsenal of tricks. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. I’d love to get a peek at the way pros do vector illustration that looks just like bitmap. I’m an old fan of vector graphics and this book would definitely be a invaluable asset for my ruminator (that’s how I like to call my Brain) :).

    Oh, luck, just this once, please!!!!


  12. I’m excited about the whole book, but if I have to pick a section than it would have to be “11 Live Effects, Graphic Styles”, I like the fact that I can apply changes to text for example and still be able to edit it later on.

  13. I’m most looking forward to the Live Effects and graphics styles section, because I need to develop in that area most.

  14. First of all, I wanted to say “hi” to everyone :).
    Just started designing some websites with the help of the best programme ever, that is Illustrator of course ;).
    I’m absolutely mad about the vector design. Love, love, love the elegance of it :). I’d love to read more of everything really that treats about Illustrator, but mostly about its usage for creating great websites.
    Love your website and check it regularly :).

  15. I am interested in all of it! I especially would benefit from the advanced techniques section. I would LOVE to be the winner so I can learn more about the program that I love.

  16. I love the WOW series, my first was The Photoshop 4 WOW Book. I can’t wait to read chapter 14, Web & Animation. I am very interested in Illustrators Web capabilities.

  17. I can’t wait to learn more about the new features of the Appearance panel!! I’m totally geeking out here.

  18. I just can’t wait to start reading the book and learn a lot of great vector stuff, specially the section of type and web & animation.

  19. I am most excited about the Layers and Appearances part of the book since the advances in the new In-panel appearance editing are so fierce. This will re-define how I use Illustrator!

  20. Would LOVE a copy! Blends, Gradients and Live 3D Effects are what Im very interested in knowing more about, for Illustrator CS4!!

  21. ALWAYS look forward to the new features…ecspecially CS4 since i know i havent found everything! Can’t wait! Would love to win a copy…but I will buy even if i dont win! Thanks!!

  22. Picking just one section is tough! I think I’ll most look forward to Live 3D and Advanced Techniques. Maybe I’ve been under a rock, but I didn’t know about this WOW! Series of books. Now I’ll have to go get it if I don’t win. 🙂

  23. I’d like to flip through the type section. I work in the print industry…type is always interesting.

  24. That’s an amazing gift: 5 copies of the wow book !!
    Fisrt, thanks for this oportunity.
    I would like to see the Advanced Techniques section.

    Thanks again !!

  25. Holy Crap!!!!!
    There’s a lot of comments. How will mine even be noticed???

    I need all the help i can get. Love, Love, Love Illustrator and want to know more. Period!

    John Kirk


  26. I am excited to learn about and be inspired by section 12 “Live 3D Effects” in the new Adobe Illustrator CS4 Wow! Book!

  27. Few years ago got my Illustrator CS2 WOW Book and loved!; I would like to have a chance on to get this new edition… can’t wait to see the “Advanced Techniques”!!!


  28. I remember getting a copy of the awesome Illustrator 10 WOW book years ago. In a daft bout of kindness I leant it to a friend and it never got it back 🙁

    I’d love a copy of the up-to-date version, especially the blends/gradients and Live 3D chapters!

  29. Live Color — saw a short demo on that and would love to know more about using this feature. I’ve been using Illustrator for many years but am still a learning stuff every day!

  30. Nice!

    Can’t wait to see what goodies are in store for Gradients, particularly meshes. Well… that and the Live 3D effects, that’s gonna be pretty sweet.

  31. I’ve read parts of the WOW CS3 Illustrator series and I loved it! I can only imagine what is to come from WOW CS4! 😀
    I think I’d be inclined to read chapter 8 first! blends and gradients are my new candy, and I reaaaallly want to master them!

  32. Honestly the most intriguing chapter must be Web&Animation… would love to see what inspiration hide under it.

    Good luck everyone !

  33. The Zen chapter definitely has an intriguing title. I could also use some tips on Live Color as well as Appearances.

  34. I think I would love to see the Blends, Gradients section the most, as that is probably the bit I struggle with the most. I doubt I will win, so good luck to everybody 🙂

  35. Blends, gradients: I’m in a really modern sort of abstract mood at the moment, and I’m getting into creating colourful smoke, wavey patterns and the like. – so this chapter will be a great help to me!

  36. I’m looking forward to “Blends, Gradients” and “Layers, Appearances” too. This book looks pretty awesome.

  37. I’d probably be most excited about the Blends & Gradients section for I have found that with different combinations of this two simple, yet powerful tools, you can create something extraordinary =D


  38. It will be awesome if i had this book, so please pick me…:)
    I’m looking forward to the chapters on Live 3D Effects, Zen and adv techniques. Thanks!

  39. The book looks AMAZING. I’m really getting into web design now so chapter 14 on web & animation would be my pick. I’m sure I would skip right to it and then go back to other chapters. 🙂

  40. Great book to start with. And, actually, I’m interested even in a few sections. It would be pleasant to read ‘Layers, Appearances’ and ‘Web & Animation’. Hope to be lucky one. Thanks!

  41. Hi, I love vectors and I`d love to have this great book. 🙂 I`m interested it chapter 13 – Adv Techniques. It could be really cool!

  42. Desde Antofagasta, Chile.

    El poder de Illustrator de crear mis ideas con la misma forma de como las imagino, pone en mí una ilimitada plataforma de soñar.

    El sueño de crear un mundo, hecho real.

    Yo tambien quiero una copia del libro 🙂 quiero aprender mas!

    Ignacio Cortés

  43. I’m especially interested in chapter 12, about Live 3D Effects. I even remember using Adobe Dimensions for 3D effects, many years ago and at the time it was great!

  44. It would have to be info on the blob brush for me – seeing as how I am still on CS3, learning more about the “blob” could be enough to make me upgrade to CS4!

    (Oh, and anything contributed by you, of course…!)

  45. The Type section sounds really interesting and I would like to learn more about type treatment in illustrator!

  46. I’ll be honest I’d love a copy. I’d love to read ‘1 Basics’ and ‘4 Beyond Basics’ I can use illustrator but some things just annoy me and I am sure I am not doing parts correctly!!!

  47. I would love a copy of this book. I have always wanted to buy the previous versions but never got around to it. Now that I’ve upgraded to CS4 this would come in handy. I think that I would spend most of my time focusing on chapters 13 and 14.

  48. The Layers, Appearances section is what I am excited about. The Appearances panel is such a powerful tool with CS4, and I feel I’ve just touched the tip of its iceberg. This book looks great!

  49. Even though i’ve just started with vectors..And i havent heard about the Wow! Series before, This is quite interesting. Im actually curious about the Animation content, anyhow thanks for letting me know 🙂


  50. As an avid lover of all things Design, Illustration, and Typography, etc. I would really love to get my hands on a copy of The Illustrator CS4 WOW! Book.

    I especially want to read up on Layers and Appearances.

  51. What a wonderful book! I own CS4 and have since February and there are always tips and tricks out there that need to be figured out. This book would sure be a welcome addition to the program. I can’t say which part of the book I would look forward to seeing first. Probably the whole thing!

  52. Can’t wait to see this book, I’m most interested of advanced technique, live effects and graphic styles.
    Congratz for being one of the contributors!

  53. The part of the book i most look forward to is …

    the part between the front cover and the back cover..

    ‘ cause i KNOW that it will be chockfull of useful info – from cover to cover…

    i love this series!

  54. For sure I would be most excited about the gradient part of the book, that’s what I struggle with the most! Thanks for the competition.

  55. This book is going to catch me up to speed on Illustrator. I’m especially interested in the Live Color and the Live Effects Graphic Styles section.

  56. I would love to check out the gradient section, also
    to see the beautiful artwork by contributing artists.
    The cover is awesome!

  57. This is an awesome give away. The whole CS4 suite is something amazing! I would like to see the new ways there are to working with the multiple artboard feature and the blog tool. Since these are new to Illy I would like to really tap into it’s full potential. Come on triple 7’s!!

  58. Looks like a great book! I’d love to check out the Live 3D Effects and Web and Animation. For a self taught graphic artist working in the industry this book would be a major help!

  59. Hi!
    I’ll try to humbly win this contest… It never occured to me till now…
    I’d like to read and get the most of the chapter 13, on Adv Techniques.
    I started studying Marketing&Communication last September in Verone, italy, in order to complete my studying career. And some months ago, I started using Illustrator to fill my freetime and hoping that this could enrich my CV.
    ps:if you want, you could visit my blog and see what I made by learning a little of Illustrator.
    Sorry for my English!
    Thanks for this precious opportunity!
    Bye, thanks.

  60. After reviewing the table of contents it’s hard to make a decision as to which title I’m most excited about. They all sound very interesting and would be delighted to receive a copy. I just found this site the other day and have been thoroughly impressed with everything on it. It is at the top of my bookmarks and enjoy the daily updates. Thanks to all who contribute and keep up the good work!

  61. Hi – still have and use my Illustrator 10 WOW book – hoping they address more with complex patterning in the Advanced Techniques section – it’s where I first leaned about tiling a complex pattern

  62. W0W !!!
    Holiday’s beginning… time to read… time to make my own portfolio!
    This book would come in handy!!!

  63. I am interested in the brush/symbol section as well as the advanced techniques. Always looking at new ways of doing things.

  64. The whole book sounds good, but the Zen section does sound cool. And I’d love some more help using the new blob brush.

  65. I will love to back spread more of my illustrating skills and absolutely read about styles and graphic styles, blends and gradients well pretty much everything that’s cover in the book its such a great learning tool, thanks

  66. The WOW Book series never ceased to amaze me! I’m sure this one will equally good. Looking forward for the Type and Transparency section… should i be so lucky.

  67. Wow! I need this! I’d like to know the tips and tricks used by professional illustrators. And what more we can do in the Cs4 version than the old ones. Character illustration techniques are essential to me.

  68. Looks like an essential read! I’d like to learn about advanced gradient mesh features & look at developing my perspective skills and produce impressive cityscapes like the cover illustration here.

  69. I neeeed this book! Damned FreeHand has gotten me all stitched up, and now I’m discovering the amazing world of Illustrator I need someone to hold my hand and open a few doors for me. I really want to get my sticky little fingers on all your chapters… but especially the “live 3D effects” section. WOW!

  70. Didn’t know about the Illustrator WOW series until now. The cover looks really promising! I am interested in the Layers/Appearances section, because I know this area has been changed a lot in CS4. It may finally persuade me to upgrade.

  71. I’m particularly interested in the Advanced Technique section. I’m hoping it would show alot of the techniques used by top artists to produce stellar effects on their designs. Thanks

  72. Having just switched from FreeHand, this book would be a great learning aid. I am especially interested in the Appearance panel which has been influenced by FreeHand’s Object panel.

  73. Wow, now that’s an interesting book!

    Judging from the table of contents I would be absolutely interested in:
    – (8) Blends, Gradients, and;
    – (13) Adv Techniques

    Thank you for the contest 🙂

  74. I read only one of the Wow! books line, and I found it great! This edition, about Illustrator, I think could be a must. Unfrotunately I think there is not in Italian, so I want to apply and to try to receive it in english.
    The most exciting section, for me, could be : “13 Adv Techniques” because I think I know all basic techniques with AI, and I would like to start with advanced procedures.

  75. this one seems soooo cool and i heard there’s typographic contents too!! im a typography lover! im sure everything will b so nice in here!!

  76. I’m more interesed in the :
    “3 Draw & Color” section. I’m really eager to know what are the little tricks and techniques to make an illustration really stands out by using simple elements as colors.

    And to complete that;
    “8 Blends, Gradients” section because by smartly using those elements so many things can be accomplished…

    …like going to the moon with one jump, diving into the sea with one finger, loving your wife with more passion etc…

    Hope I win…

    Have a nice day.

  77. I love all the vector inspiration I can get my hands on. This one looks beautiful. The section on Transparency sounds interesting. Fingers crossed – oh please oh please oh please!

  78. Definitely the Advanced Techniques chapter. The CS2 version of this book was one of my first, and still my favourite Adobe Illustrator book.

  79. I just know a few techniques in Illustrator, and actually all the whole book interests me. But I like a lot the 2, 3, 12, 13 and 14 topics. Luck for me!

  80. I’m so excited about the ‘Beyond Basic’s section because it’ll give someone like me, who understands the basic tools but is interested in taking their skills to the next level, an edge in the industry.

  81. Looks like a great book, I’d love to read the ‘beyond the basics’ bit and ‘advanced techniques’ because there are always little tips that i find out and wish i had known years ago… hopefully it would improve workflow and be an inspiring read 😀

  82. Chapter 6 : Layers, Appearances As vectips tutorials have really expanded my appreciation of the appearance panel (gradient text strokes that are still editable! I never knew!)

  83. I too would be most excited about the advance techniques section, because other Illustrator books generally only cover the basics of using Illustrator i.e. to tools and features, rather than illustrative techniques.

  84. Awesome. Have always thought this was the best series for Illustrator and most looking forward to Blends and Gradients chapter. Can really make something look photoreal once you master those tools.

  85. Way back, when I picked up a copy of Aldus Freehand for my (then Mac) computer… I had daydreamed about doing animation with vector art by printing page by page on transparency. I recently got Illustrator CS4 (as part of CS Production Premium) and while the whole book has much appeal, I would love to see the chapter on Web and Animation.

  86. There are 2 sections on the book that I would really like to have a look, those are:
    -Layers, Appearances
    -Blends, Gradients

    Many thanks for the great opportunity!

  87. Blends & Gradients – I’ve been using Illustrator for a good 10 years and I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for gradient that can handle transparency! The cover on the other hand looks like it’s from the late 90’s!

  88. Sounds like a great little book to have! I’d love to win a copy of the book, and would love to learn even more about the blends and gradients! Thanks for sharing it with us either way!

  89. I want to explore the transparent swatch functionality. That is long overdue!

    You should hook me up with a book because I follow your blog regularly!


  90. Thanks for the opportunity! I would love to see the advanced techniques section. Also, more 3D rendering techniques would be fantastic!

  91. I would *love* a copy of this. I was looking at buying this but finances dictated that I couldn’t. Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  92. Hey, I’m brazilian, can I still try to win this awesome book?

    If the answer is yes, the reason I’d like very much to have this book is to know more about how to make animations in this software, ’cause I’m mad about doing something like that but I have no idea how to begin with.


  93. Looks like a great resource! Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on it.

    I’m most excited about the section about type. I’m very passionate about typography (especially on the web), and I would like to get into typography in Illustrator a bit more.

    Keep up the good work!

  94. have only a small idea of what is in this book can’t wait to be surprised =D

    hmmm Web & Animation looks enticing!

    thanks Vectips this is a great opportunity =D

  95. Looking forward to this book! Looks to really give some great tips to all of the new CS4 features. I’m most interested in checking out the chapter on Live 3D Effects!

    Thanks for putting this contest together!

  96. I would say that I’m honestly looking forward to the new CS4 features explained in detail, with examples of their use in stunning artwork.

  97. I would say that the part of the book that i’m interested the most it’s Adv Techniques and Live Effects, Graphic Styles because I love to do vector arts and in those 2 parts of the book I think I will learn the most!!!!!!!!!

  98. Hi everyone.
    I think the draw and color section would be superb for a beginner like myself. And the web and animation section will help me understand more aspects of my favorite software. And i am exited to learn about advanced techniques and beyond basics sections too.

  99. Blends and Gradients for sure!
    I’ve been dying to get a good reference for learning that the right way, since blends can give so many verious effects!

  100. The last Illustrator Wow! book I have is from version 9 (egad!)…when I was just starting to use Illustrator. It was invaluable then and with all of the new features in CS4, _The Adobe Illustrator CS4 Wow! Book_ would definitely expand my knowledge base. Plus, they are just cool to look through for inspiration!

  101. I’m really excited to see the Advanced Techniques section! I would love to have this book since right now I am trying to build up a portfolio again.

  102. I’d love a copy of this books I’m sure it will help me develop my illustrator skills. The advanced techniques chapter sounds exciting.

  103. Blob brush! I am a slave to the pen tool and really want to learn to make things a little more organically within illustrator.

  104. I think I have a pretty solid grasp on Illustrator so I’m very interested in what the Advanced Techniques has to offer.

  105. I’d love to see what’s in chapter 5 about brushes and symbols, I feel like that is something I really need to get better at using. It saves so much time!

  106. I have two earlier versions of the Illustrator WOW books. I’m a fairly experienced Illustrator user, but I am always surprised by the new tricks and techniques that Sharon Steuer adds to each new edition. When I hit a dead-end, the WOW book is always the first book I open to find a solution.

  107. Looks like a great book to add to the collection.
    would like to check out more on Blends/Gradients and the Advanced Techniques.

  108. I have bought WOW books before and love them. It’ll be great if I can get the free copy! I am looking forward for the Live 3D effects. Thank you very much!!

    Hussin ‘Hank’ Khan

  109. I have a Wow book from CS. Mine looks worse than yours! I would love to have the latest Illustrator Wow book. I am especially interested in Chapter 5 Brushes, Symbols. They can save you time and make your plain piece look fabulous. Thank you for doing this!

  110. i am excited for the advanced techniques section. as often as i use illustrator (which is daily) there are always things to learn and different (and easier) ways to go about doing something.

  111. I remember my first wow book, it was pre-CS. I think most of all in this one section 12 Live 3D Effects has me salivating.

  112. I’ve been wanting a ‘Wow’ book for awhile, I’ve had the privilege to look through them and it’s always chalk full of information. I’m really looking forward to the ‘Adv Techniques’ section most, and it never hurts to review the basics as well.

  113. As much as I use AI, there are always so many things to learn from other users. The book looks great.

  114. I’m most excited about Type. I feel like a good typography foundation can be the jumping off point or the added PUNCH for a well grounded (and AWESOME) design.

  115. I would really love to win a copy of this great book. I always love the advanced techniques and seeing what other illustrators can do with this great program.

  116. Advanced Techniques – all the way! I am a digital illustration teacher and would love to share this book to my students!

  117. Looking forward to the Web and Animation section the most, although Beyond Basics also appeals to me as I’d like to increase my skill level with Illustrator 🙂

  118. WOW! I’d be thrilled to win a copy. This book would help take my beginner skills to the next level. However, overall I’m most interested in learning about the new and improved features of CS4 Illustrator.

  119. Being relatively new to Illustrator I’m looking forward to reading the Beyond Basics chapter and building my library of vector books, this will bring my library to a total of 1! A good way to start I think anyway.

  120. After looking through the sections I’m eager to learn these techniques and improve my skill base further.
    I think what stands out for me is the Web & Animation chapter, would certainly like to read this book, and get a greater knowledge of Ai.

  121. Can’t wait to see how they utilize the new Gradient enhancements of CS4 and use of transparency/blend modes. The Adv techniques and web applications also interest me.

  122. I’m still fairly new to illustrator think I’ve jumped into hard part – gradient mesh and I’m enjoying it so much! 🙂 I would like to extend my knowledge further as one of my final year projects for university will be made in illustrator. Section 4 Beyond Basics sounds exciting but i’m sure they all are awsome, I’ve used photoshop wow books before and they are great 🙂

  123. Would love to win a copy. Looking forward to reading it cover to cover, but with special interest in the “Live” chapters: Live Color
    Live Effects, Live 3D Effects.

  124. After peeling through my CS2 book I didn’t realize I had gotten so far behind in my WOW books! I am interested in the whole book but in particular would like to utilize:

    10 Live Color
    11 Live Effects, Graphic Styles

  125. Is it possible to be excited about every section in the book? I am not that advanced in Illustrator and this book would greatly help build my Illustrator skills. The “Live Effects, Graphic Styles” sounds really fun as well as the advanced techniques!

  126. Oh The Illustrator Wow Books are always a great read! From the table of content, I would love to learn some Advance Techniques (13) and would also like to read the chapters that you have written.

  127. I love Peachpit Press, I love the WOW books! It’s “Adv Techniques” that stuck me as most interesting. I would love and hug my book every night, even sing it to sleep.

  128. Blends and Gradients allways were a problem for me in illustrator.
    Web & Animation will be very intesting too

  129. Chapter 8 Blends, Gradients – Really want to learn things in Illustrator that I know in Photoshop to help step my illy game up. Great contest, thanks for the chance!

  130. Looks like an awesome book, hopefully something different to the normal adobe series books 😀 Looking forward to the Type section, because it is such an important section in Illustrator.

  131. I’m really excited about this book as I just started learning Illustrator …

    the chapter I surely will more is about Web & Animation

  132. I would love a copy. I’m still learning about Illustrator, shifting from back-end development to some more front end design and I could use the help, especially with chapter 6 Layers…. Those always seem to cross me up when I’m trying to build something.

  133. I would love to have a look at the Live 3D Effects, the book looks great and I am sure it would be very useful.

  134. I’d love to have my hands on that book! I’m soooo excited about the Zen chapter and Advanced Techniques section of the book. I’m glad you’re holding this contest!

  135. This book would be an awesome resource, I’m probably most looking forward to the chapters on Blends, Gradients, Live 3D Effects and Adv Techniques, and probably maybe Zen because I have little to no idea what is in that Chapter.

  136. wow! I am interested in-panel appearance editing, the features about total typographic control feature and the featured artwork. a copy down here in costa rica would do us a ton of good. thanks for the initiative!

  137. Exciting. Looks like a great resource. I have some experience in Ai, but this entire book would help me tons I’m sure. I really want to get to know the program more.

  138. I would LOVE it! Sweet giveaway! I’m super stoked for the TYPE section and the Live Color, too! I’m just going to start crossing my fingers now, then by the 2nd, I’ll have mustered up all the luck in the world and I’ll win!!! haha.


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