Best of 2010: Inspiration and Articles

This whole week I’m rounding up my favorite vector tutorials, tips, tricks, freebies, articles, and inspirations from 2010. First up is vector inspiration and articles. There are some pretty amazing resources if you are a vector artist or use Illustrator often!

Fridays with Mordy

Ever Friday, Illustrator expert Mordy Golding, author of the amazing Real World Illustrator series (CS2-CS5), chats about Illustrator and other design and illustrations matters. Always full of great info!

R2D2 Process Video

R2D2 Process Video

Kevin Tong records my favorite “Procees Video” for his amazing  “A Linch Pin Droid” poster. You will marvel at Tong’s use of the pen tool and perspective manipulations.

Creative Sessions: Character Illustration

Creative Sessions: Character Illustration

Great series of articles in the first “Sessions” from Envato’s Tuts+ network. The articles range in sketching, concept, style, and techniques. Disclaimer: I did the wallpaper illustration, but I would still recommend the series even if I didn’t!

Designing iPhone Icons

A very informative article packed with tips for creating iPhone icons from Cute Little Factory.

Creative Sessions: Illustrative Lettering

Another great series of articles from Sessions. These articles focus on the concept, sketch, style, and techniques of creating illustrative lettering.

Astute Graphics Vector Halftone Week

Astute Graphics Vector Halftone Week

Astute Graphics, the creator of the amazing Illustrator plugin Phantasm CS, puts together a series of articles focusing of halftones including freebies, tutorials, inspiration, and tools.

Using Stock References in the Creation of Vector Art

Using Stock References in the Creation of Vector Art

This articles looks at how useful stock is to creating vector art. It includes practical tips, rules, and artist interviews about their stock usage.

Eighteen Artists Share Their Opinions on Artistic Style – Part 1 and 2

Some amazing insights from some of my favorite vector artist. It’s always inspiring to see the thought process behind the artwork.

Community: Totem Project

Community: Totem Project

I’m loving the Community Totem Project started by VectorTuts+! Many wonderful vector artist participate and it’s a great way to participate yourself.

Inspiration: 50+ Vector-Based Book Covers

We see a lot of vector art inspiration on the web, but there are some great vector artworks displayed on books, some of the most intimate objects in our lives.

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5 thoughts on “Best of 2010: Inspiration and Articles

  1. Wow! such a great collection. Love all the designs & inspired of the design works done with it. Especially like the “Eighteen Artists Share Their Opinions on Artistic Style” design. Thank you very much for sharing this listing. Keep on posting great things like this.

  2. Thanks Ryan for the AG Blog mention 🙂

    And obviously a big thanks to you from all of us for the great resource that is Vectips. Looking forward to your work in 2011…

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