Vectips Gets A Facelift

Vectips Site Updates

Today I’m rolling out a slight redesign of Vectips! The main goal with the redesign is to improve the usability of Vectips. With the new changes it will be easier to explore posts and interact with other users. The changes include updated navigation bar, sidebar, comments, and few other tweaks.  Check out the updates and let me know what you think!

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33 thoughts on “Vectips Gets A Facelift

  1. Hi there! this is my first visit to your site (Can’t imagine that I missed it all along…)

    I’m enjoying your articles over here. Good content, good site design!

  2. Looks really nice but I would suggest a tad bit more padding between your navigation items…just not much separation currently.

  3. I, like others, like the icons for links. I also liked the navigation you had in your previous (unreleased) version. Believe it had some slick tabby nature.

    Quite like the touch ups on the sidebar too!

  4. I like everything except, the guys sitting in front of that computer and the (transform) selection around the vector tips logo…
    thats all nothing else 🙂

  5. loving the new navigation bar, but how about adding a “selected” state to the items, based on the page you are viewing? also, not to be nit picky, but have you thought about moving your search form up in the page at all? either near the top navigation, or above the ads?

    loving the cohesiveness throughout the design and layout though, with teh greens. Nice work!

    • Thanks for the great suggestions! The selected state is a good idea. I briefly looked at putting the search form closer to the top, I think I will have to revisit it.

  6. The beard is new right? Is this the “spent a week without worrying about personal hygiene” freelancer look? 🙂

    I like the updates a lot. Similar to the old design, but very nice updates to it. A+

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