14 Home Interior Illustrations to Inspire Your Decor

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In this collection, we are presenting a fine collection of vector illustrations of home interior designs. Vector art has been a great source of inspiration for designers, and these home interior vectors can inspire your digital design and maybe even your home decor!

For any of you who are newbies to vector design, here’s a brief summary of the art. Vector art is created most often using Adobe Illustrator. This valuable tool is a vector based application that can create attractive and colorful vector designs or illustrations. The unique feature of vector designs that truly makes it valuable to the graphic industry is its ability to maintain the quality of art even when the size and resolution are increased. Vector artworks have clean details, pleasing gradients and balanced lighting.

We hope you gain a little more appreciation for vector art as you browse through these home interior vectors. Enjoy!

Guestroom by AlefBeth

Now THAT’s what I call a guestroom. 🙂 The vibrant colors and detailed work make this interior vector art a must have in this collection.

Room in Illustrator by AboOsaid

The room was created in Illustrator CS4 and it looks very beautiful because of the pleasing color combinations that are very suitable for a child’s room décor. The details in this piece really set this apart. The sunshine beaming through the window produces reflections on the floor which truly gives this room its realism.

M3 Background by THEantastic

I’m not sure what exactly the “Money Club” is :), but the chaotic scene depicted in this vector illustration presents the aftermath of what was most likely a tense and possibly violent scene. This piece illustrates how visual cues, such as the broken piggy bank and the beams of the overhead light, can provide insight into a piece for viewers.

Interior 1 by jimro

This is another beautiful vector artwork that showcases a living room at night time. Its amazing non-symmetrical retro style, colors, shapes and of course lighting and shadows create a very peaceful feeling.

Graphic Room by Jonathan LoPorto

Wow! This vector illustration is about as close to a photograph as you can get without it actually being one. The lighting, shadows, and carefully placed glares are all combined in this piece to create a very realistic drawing.

A Zany Sunroom by Willowdream

This artwork contains loads of details that you can see if you zoom in, for example, the detailed floorboards and wallpaper. Plus the room looks light and friendly, creating a very cozy atmosphere. These details make this vector interior artwork interesting and eye catching.

The Composer by Coenmeteenc

This tired composer has been created by using both Illustrator as well as Adobe Photoshop. The designer has done a very good job of incorporating texture into vector illustration in places such as the composer’s hair, the walls, and especially the wood floors.

Interior Room by Jennifer Borton

Has your room ever looked like this? It has if you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter. I love the variety of colors in this piece and how they come together to complement each other so nicely. Coffee anyone?

Interior by Anna Zablotska

The detailed artwork that you can see in this interior vector art is very hard to find elsewhere. Color selection and their beautiful blending, lighting, arrangement everything in this artwork looks pretty perfect. The lamp gives the whole artwork a very bright look.

wizard’s room by Aaryankhakan

This is the interior design of a wizard’s room showcasing a concept art of a tree room. The simple design and lighting is calming yet intriguing.  I especially love the attention to details in this work: can you spot the parrot and the bunny and magician’s hat?

Three’s a Crowd by NaBHaN

Very creative work! I love the way this artist conveyed human emotions through inanimate objects. Check out the “facial expressions” in the pillows. i.e. Three is a crowd for love birds.

Twilight sleeping by Stinkehund

In this vector artwork, the designer portrays a very nice abstract work with brilliant lighting to give it the impression of morning time where sunbeams are very bright and lights up everything.

Little Wonder by OwaikeO

This amazing artwork is completely vector and showcases fine details that not only are quite amusing but also are the main attraction of this artwork. Adding so much of fine details, especially on the mermaid and the crystal bowl, make this artwork really interesting.

Fuzz Academy by Mree

This artwork has been created by using Illustrator, however the coloring is done in Flash CS3. I love how this artist uses flat shadows and reflections along with texture to create a childlike sense of realism.

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