Quick Tip: Quickly Preview Graphic Styles

Preview Graphic Styles in Illustrator

I’m sure by now you all know that I love using the Appearance panel and Graphic Styles in Illustrator. In one document I can have a number of similar and complex graphic styles and the thumbnail image in the Graphic Style panel doesn’t always represent the style as good as I would like. Luckily you can quickly preview a graphic style on a selected object!

Preview Graphic Style

To quickly preview a Graphic Style, hold down Control and click on the desired Graphic Style. Pretty cool!

In the sample below. I have three styles that are pretty similar when looking at the thumbnail’s in the Graphic Styles panel. I want a specific one for the cloud icon, so I select the icon and hold down Control and click on each style until I find the I want.

Preview Graphic Styles in Illustrator

Another option is to just label each graphic style and in the Graphic Styles panel’s pop-up menu select Large List View.

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22 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Quickly Preview Graphic Styles

  1. Nice’n’ quick tip.

    Unlike other sites, dude, Your updates to this site are RARE, but every single one is ESSENTIAL and HELPFUL. it seems You choose carefully what to post, and therefore, I check for updates regularly, knowing that when U do update, it will be worth checking out.

    So, this is more of a way to say THANX then a comment to this tip :{D …

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I’m using CS5 on Mac and Option still works. Right-Click seems to be the shortcut for PC (It still works on Mac too).

  2. Come on guys and girls, put all that learning to work and figure out how to create it yourself. Who knows what other great styles you come up with while trying to create these =D

  3. I just want to thank you very much how you create your tutorials. I am a high school student, and its hard to find tutorials that explain everything. One quick question, whenever I create a new graphic style, it only saves in the file I am using. So if I want to add that to a new Adobe Illustrator document, I have to drag that graphic style into the new document. Any way of saving my graphic styles to every document?

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