Huge Layer Thumbnails

Huge Layer Thumbnails

I use the Layers Panel all the time. The panel helps me navigate complicated illustrations and helps me find, select, and arrange objects. The Layers Panel is surprising customizable, adjusting to how you work. Creating large thumbnails adds to the functionality of the Layers Panel. Moreover, you can get rid of the thumbnails, or even keep thumbnails on the top layer only!


I’m pretty sure this feature is available in the other CS versions of Illustrator. If anyone knows otherwise, let me know!

Layer Panel Options

Open the pop-up menu of the Layers Panel and select Panel Options at the very bottom. Here, you can set the thumbnail size up to 100px or get rid of the thumbnails altogether. Check out some of the other options and customize the Layers Panel the way it works best for you!

Layer Panel Options
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7 thoughts on “Huge Layer Thumbnails

  1. do you know of a way to set the default thumbnail size? because it’s ALWAYS the first thing i do in EVERY file. it gets pretty weak after the 1000th time…

    utterly brilliant site, BTW. 😀

    • Unfortunately I don’t. I tried create a custom workspace and editing default Document Profiles with no luck, but I’ll look into it more.

  2. “Maize, I’m going to start a tutorial soon!”

    yup, a character tutorial would be mega awesome! but please, write about the creation of the guy on the header (don’t forget the glass table) 🙂

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