15 Holiday Gifts for the Adobe Illustrator Lover

15 Gifts for Illustrator Lovers

The holidays are fast approaching, but there is still time to get gifts for that special vector lover in your life. Moreover, if you are as picky as me, you can refer your loved one to the list below for gifts for you. There is a range of prices for the items, so there should be something for everyone!


I think it is only fair to let everyone know about some of the associations I have with some of the products on this list. To start, Astute Graphics (makers of the Phantasm CS Plugin) advertise on Vectips and I have done contracted illustration work for them. Still, I have used the Phantasm CS plugin long before our relationship started. I also contributed lessons and artwork to the Adobe Illustrator CS4 WOW! Book. Again I have used this series of books long before out relationship started. As I’m sure most of you know I have also written numerous tutorials for Vector.TutsPlus.com.

  • Wacom Pen Tablets
    Wacom Tablet

    I highly recommend any Illustrator user get a pen tablet. I use the Wacom Intuos4 Medium and love it! I find using the pen tablet is an intuitive way to interact with Illustrator and it opens up some great features in Illustrator (check out my Wacom Settings Post). Wacom offers the Intous4 line, Cintiq line, and Bamboo line.


  • Phantasm CS
    Phantasm CS Plugin

    Phanstasm CS, my favorite plugin, makes color manipulation simple in Illustrator. Some of the color adjustment tools include: Curvers, Levels, and Hue and Saturation. Another great feature is Phantasm’s Halftone tools. Phantasm creates nice halftones that expand out clean (check out my Halftone Effect article). Moreover, Astute just released their Publisher version with more features!


  • Symmetry Works
    SymmetryWorks 5

    Artlandia SymmetryWorks is an essential plugin for quickly and easily making repeating patterns in Illustrator. You can create a pattern with a click, edit interactively, add new object to patterns easily, and much more.


  • Xtream Path
    Xtream Path Plugin

    If you are coming into Illustrator from Freehand you probably miss some of the path editing features in Freehand. Luckily, there is the Xtream Path plugin for Illustrator. With the Xtream Path plugin you can literally grab anywhere on a path, making editing paths in Illustrator much easier and flexible.


  • ForeverSave

    I hate it when you are working on a huge document in Illustrator and Illustrator crashes, losing all you wonderful vector art! If this has happened to you, check out ForeverSave. ForeverSave is Mac software (sorry windows users, I’m sure there is something similar) that automatically creates versions of your documents. In case you lose one, just restore it and continue your work.


  • Real World Illustrator CS4
    Real World Illustrator Series

    The Real World Illustrator series is great for beginners and advanced Illustrator users. This book series details all aspects of Illustrator. The series goes all the way back to Illustrator 7 so there is a version for almost every Illustrator user.


  • WOW! Book
    Adobe Illustrator WOW! Series

    The Adobe Illustrator WOW! series is another great series of Illustrator books. This series features tips, tricks, and tutorials from actual projects of more than 100 Illustrator artists. It is packed full of useful information. Moreover, I am wrote some lessons for the new CS4 book!


  • Plus Membership
    VectorTuts Plus Subscription

    Vectortuts has some great tutorials and I’m not just saying that becuase I have writen for them. The Tutplus section is even better with in-depth tutorials, source file downloads, and more.


  • Lynda.com
    Lynda.com Subscription

    If you prefer to watch video rather then reading, Lynda.com is the place to go. Lynda has great beginner and intermediate videos for Illustrator versions 8 to CS4.


  • Go Media Arsenal Ultimate Vector Pack
    Go Media Ultimate Vector Collection 1 and 2

    Grab both the Ultimate sets from Go Media Arsenal and have all the amazing stock vectors Go Media provides.


  • Adobe Illustrator Pillow
    Adobe Illustrator Pillow

    I love this pillow! Great for the couch, office chair, or pillow fights.


  • Adobe Illustrator Coasters
    Designer Set Coasters

    Great for my many cups of coffee and tea throughout the day.


  • Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Stickers
    Adobe Illustrator keyboard stickers

    These stickers are great if you are just starting in Illustrator. Using keyboard shortcuts are essential for productivity in Illustrator.


  • Hard Graft Moleskine Case
    Moleskine and U Moleskine Case

    Sometimes I forgot the best inspirations for illustrations, client projects, and tutorials come from being away from the computer. That’s why I always carry my trusty Moleskine. To dress up you Moleskine, I suggest getting a Hard Graft U Moleskine Case!


  • Pen Tool
    Pen Tool T-Shirt

    I know this is a product I sell, but if you are a Illustrator nerd, there is no better way to show it off then with a Pen tool t-shirt. Check out the Vectips shop for other vector geekery.



Is there some amazing vector or Illustrator gift I missed? If so, leave and comment and let everyone know what it is!

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21 thoughts on “15 Holiday Gifts for the Adobe Illustrator Lover

  1. I’m glad to see more than just on inspiration post per week on this site! I think I’m going to buy The WOW! Book, I see that you guys all love it, so I’ll give it a try.

    Thnaks for this collection Rype!

  2. great post and I’m really glad Vectips has become such a nice Website to go to for everything vector-specific.

    What misses in the list (I think) are artist’s pens. I usually start my illustrations by drawing with my faber castell pens which are really great for sketching coloured illustrations.

    Some other designers i know use the Copic Markers, just a matter of taste.

    and the Illustrator Wow! Book is great! it’s the no.1 Book in this category.

      • well I use Faber Castell because my Illustrations tend to look a bit toonish and Faber Castell has a nice Blend of bright, strong colors. Those who use Copic Markers have another style they tend to make darker or more realistic Illustrations.

        In short:

        Copic Markers have MANY MANY colors but are more expensive.

        I prefer Faber Castell because they have most likely the colors u need and are much cheaper (at least here in Germany)

        Id say check them out in an artist’s shop (thats what theyre called here) and try them both out and see what fits u best

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