16 Stunning Car Vectors That Will Fuel Your Creativity Instantly

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Looking at other designers’ work can bring a new wave of creativity and inspiration. For today’s inspiration, we have put together a draw-dropping collection of creative car vectors for you.

These vector designs are so realistic and amazing that you will fall in love with them instantly. Creating a good vector car design requires loads of time and efforts, but as you’ll can see from these masterpieces, it’s certainly worth all the time and effort in the end. Now check out the car collection!

Chevrolet Camaro by Haegele Joan

This Chevrolet Camaro car looks real when you first glance at it. The artist has paid attention even to the minute details. The artist has also uploaded different images to show the progress of work which is a nice touch.

Vector Viper GTS by ollite20

This is also 100% pure vector artwork that features a Viper GTS. The unique perspective of this vector car along with the vectorized spinning wheels, glossy finish and the shiny look all combine to make this a truly impressive piece. Plus the lights are turned on which further adds that special spark to it.

The Porsche by bandila

The perspective on this piece is also very unique. Furthermore, the red color used in this artwork makes this piece of vector artwork a heart touching one. The overall car’s finish and detailing are worth noting as well.

Vector car by Michael Shutyak

Muddin’ anyone? This piece takes us back to the country where big trucks are “the thing”.  The details to the undercarriage on this ride is what caught our eye.

Time Attack Subaru by Dangeruss

This vector artwork, by Dangeruss, really impressed us by the detailed interior and carbon fiber textures found through the piece. The way the designer has put his website logo as a sponsor stitch on the front windshield is also worth praising–nice plug!

The Koenigsegg by Beowulf-Kennedy

This car vector may give the impression that it has been created in Maya, but it hasn’t. It was created in Illustrator 10 rather. The interesting part is how the designer chose to bring this piece to life, not by using a bright, bold color, but rather by spending the time to give it proper lighting.

BMW CAR by hasansgrafix

Is that a photograph? Nope! Just very realistic vector car art. The designer has made every effort to refine each detail to bring this artwork to life.

MG Midget by yeahbutnobut

MG Midget is showcased in a top view to give better view of its interior, which the designer has paid close attention to. The color selection is very fitting for a classic car, and this color detail along with the final minute details of this work were all done with great precision.

SLR McLaren Mercedes by taw

SLR McLaren Mercedes was created using solid color gradients to make the individual components and reflections look very realistic! Great job!

Jaguar E-Type by VectorJones

This is another very beautiful vector car graphic that features a classy model. There’s something special about the way the lines curve down across the back of an early E-type’s roof line that’s just captivating.

Ferrari 275 by VectorJones

All you Ferrari lovers will definitely like this vector car! Features a sporty red finish, this Ferrari is certainly a show-stopper.

BMW M6 by birolsedat

This is another BMW model created in Illustrator that’s so real looking, it almost looks like a magazine ad. Look at those reflections–wow!

300sl using Inkscape by KJRents

This vector car design showcases a bright red Mercedes 300sl that was created using Inkscape. The artist created this model by using detailed, accurate gradients and also applied a filter for the headlights.

Boattail by gmesh

This vector car was also created in Illustrator, but here the artist has used the Gradient mesh tool to invoke realism, so much so that you may take it as a photograph, but it is not.

Antique by zeetans

To sum up our collection, here is another beautiful and outstanding vector model of an old classic car. The black color used in this artwork adds beauty, plus the angle with which this car model is displayed makes sure that you get a better view of its interior.

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