Win a One-Year Vandelay Premier Account

Vandelay Premier

Vandelay Design is giving 3 lucky Vectips readers a one-year Vandelay Premier account! Vandelay Premier provides tons of design resources, career resources, reports, e-books, discounts on products and services and more. All to help designers with the business and career aspects of design!

Vandelay Premier

About Vandelay Premier

Vandelay Premier provides a variety of premium quality design resources including textures, brushes, vectors, PSD files and more. It also provides career resources, such as interviews, reports, and short e-books to help designers with the business and career aspect of design. Vandelay Premier is updated with new items multiple times per week with resources from a variety of talented designers. Members have access to a marketplace with discounts on products and services like hosting, PSD to HTML coding, WordPress themes, stock photos, and much more. The cost is $9 per month or $79 per year.

Vandelay Premier

What You Will Win

3 lucky winners will win a one-year Vandelay Premier account.

How to Win / Rules

  • Leave a comment telling us what type of career resource you would like to see on Vandelay Premium. It could be an interview with a famous designer, reports of designers income, design contracts samples, or whatever!
  • Contest begins August 17, 2010 and ends Tuesday August 24, 2010. Winners will be announced Wednesday August 25, 2010.
  • 3 winners will be chosen at random.
  • Only comment once.
  • Please leave a valid email address so we can contact you.
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70 thoughts on “Win a One-Year Vandelay Premier Account

  1. Hi, I am a freelance designer as well as a graphic design lecturer in a college in Indonesia. In my everyday work, I surely need high quality design resources and Vandelay Premier seems like the perfect choice to have. I imagine how easy my work process will become with this product and I will absolutely pass on this news about how important high quality design resources to my students and my peers.

    Will consider using the product after I have the chance to taste them myself with this wonderful giveaway.

    As for career resources, I would love to have constant insight about any new kinds of freelance jobs and success stories of people doing freelance jobs.


  2. Would love to see a section about offline inspiration. Things like making a habit out of spending one half day per week in the library or visit museums, things we almost forget about while creating content.

  3. I love contests and challenges!
    If there are some held here, or some more “win price for leaving a comment’ that would be great!
    Not only the price is a good thing after all, but lots of readers would like to come back and have a look at others works, and get some more inspiration.

  4. I would love to dive deeper intot the business side of working freelance. I’m finishing up school and it would be benificial to get an organized and systematic approach in my freelance work. Anything from general do’s and don’ts in the industry, or even knowing how much to charge clients for work.

  5. I feel as many others I am sure would feel the same seeing the development of idea from initial
    sketches to finished product. Seeing how the masters have come up with and developed ideas would
    in my opinion help not just myself but others, develop.

  6. I will love to see some contracts samples for logos and t-shirts illustrations, so I can see how to better protect myself.
    Thank you for the opportunity

  7. Me gustaria que publicaran articulos sobre la impresion en flexografia o materiales especiales para empaques, asi como tips de lo que si y lo que no se debe hacer.

  8. Vandelay Premier provides us a variety of premium quality design resources but i want to find more free fonts and good resolution images.

  9. I think it would be great to see some work of artists or like sketches they did before finishing their project sort of ‘from sketch to print’. I know there are a lot of things like that on the web, but I think that that’s something a lot of people really appreciate!
    I also really enjoyed the interview with ‘Von Glitschka’ and I think that it’s a great feature to see how others are working and what you probably could do better.

  10. I would like to see the latest in trends for print and illustration. Also, tips for taking good design to great and amazing design/illustration would be cool too!

  11. I would love to see a series of interviews or a single question asked to multiple people, things like how did you handle misinformation about you and your company posted online or emailed through out a company. How did you decide to walk away from a potential deal, and did you regret it. How did you prepare for an emergency that would or could keep you out of the offcie for a long period of time?

  12. I’d love to see more marketing tips/tutorials from some of the professionals. How to market your self and your product. Ways to maximize exposure both online and on the streets as well.

  13. Hi all, Aarron here from Derbyshire, UK. I think that Vandelay could do with some inspirational designers, developers and artists to have real time Q&A spots, where the novice(s) could ask the questions they are itching to ask. Personally I’d like to see the infamous Ryan Putnam (Rype) to have a spot so that he could let everyone know about his past, present and future; wants, needs and career aspirations.

    Thought you might like that Ryan 😀

  14. Information for designers on the US Federal tax system : working as an Independent Contractor/Freelancer vs. going Small Business…ya know, some blanket info that seems extremely elusive to find without hiring an accountant.

  15. I’d like to see CI Books or just sort of logo making offs. From scratch to finish, whole process. I think that kind of stuff is really interesting and can learn much from it.

  16. It would be really nice to see some links dedicated to editorial design, which you can provide beautiful space with an amazing fusion of illustration, photography and visual identity marks. Maybe a list with magazines (virtual or not) that are really impressive for eyes and minds!

    King Regards,
    Felipe Pádua

  17. I’d like to see more articles on how on tips in job searching, c.v. desiging and writing for designers and also how to create amd design an awsome landing page a showcase of these-can’t seem to find a good tutotial or article on this anywhere….

  18. It, would be nice to see design works next to a detailed invoice of the work itself. It also would be nice to see reports or maybe some kind of tutorial about web practices nowadays i.e. web typography, real state today and different ways of implant it, same for HTML 5, CSS 3 an so on…

  19. I’d like to see whole processes from the first briefing to the payed result, including scribbles, sketches and customer communication (with matters of fees, wip, comments, timetables/schedules etc.). Would be great to have something to compare and to see how to improve processes.

  20. I would love to see reviews on software and hardware that are focussed on the viewpoint of the designer. Recent things I’ve been looking for with no luck have been • invoicing/book keeping software that will also do UK VAT returns for the creative arts. • A3+ printers that can be used for proofing (all the reviews seem to be for photographers of business offices).

    Reviews that show that designers, and not just web designers, have spcecific needs that are different to those from photographers and business users.

  21. As I am new to the field, I like to job resources. Examples of invoices, estimates, contracts and other business papers. I agree with MissRisa about maps or lists of cities that are the best places to work/get started in the field.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. This seems like a bit of a wild request, but I’d love to watch some of the “pros” work for 10 minutes or so. It’d be extra cool to hear them explain some of their techniques while working (key commands, most used tools, etc).

    Like MissRisa and Paul, I’ve always wanted to see some actual paperwork, especially some of the legal jargon that’s used.

    And.. It’s always nice to see where I stand “salary-wise”.

  23. i’d like to see famous designer interview.Share experience how become good designer and how if they fail in their career progress,what they do to back on track again.

  24. I would love to see a list of cities or some type of map showing the best places to work in the design world (or best places to get a start in the design industry). I also agree with Paul and would love to see samples of contracts, and other paper work that freelancers need when working with clients. Those things would be great 🙂

  25. I’d love to read a decent article on how to make fair invoices that don’t strip down your client, but on which you can earn a good living.

  26. I’d appreciate (and devour) “best practice” articles from established designers, e.g., a step-by-step “how it was done” article that describes a client’s design project, and how a designer interpreted the client’s requirements.

    Very cool, and very useful.

  27. It would be nice to have career help for the more overlooked things, like creating Competitive Analysis charts, Demographic Profiles, setting up proper design processes, etc. It’s really hard to find good information on doing those things properly.

  28. I’d love to see process shots from various designers/photographers/illustrators on how they go from ideas to finalized pieces.

  29. I think it would be great to see some work of artists or like sketches they did before finishing their project sort of ‘from sketch to print’. I know there are a lot of things like that on the web, but I think that that’s something a lot of people really appreciate!
    I also really enjoyed the interview with ‘Von Glitschka’ and I think that it’s a great feature to see how others are working and what you probably could do better.

  30. “Contest begins August 17, 2010 and ends Tuesday August 24, 2010. Winners will be announced Thursday August 18, 2010.”

  31. I would love to see salary comparisons for the wide breadth of fields. Usually it is broken down into simple web and print, but there is so much in between! Also localized job bank would be a nice addition. I like the career articles provided as well!

    • It would be awesome to see an interview with Clark Orr, the designer for Johnny Cupcakes. Hearing about their creative process and the way they utilize illustrator would be a great read, in my book.

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