Quickly Toggle a Perspective Grid’s Visibility

The Perspective Grid Feature is a nice addition to Illustrator CS5. With any new feature, it’s a good idea to get familiar with keyboard shortcuts so you can use the new feature more efficiently and cut down the learning curve. One tip that is helpful when using a perspective grid is to quickly toggle a perspective grid’s visibility.

Toggle a Perspective Grid’s Visibility

When using the Perspective Grid Tool (Shift +P) or the Perspective Selection Tool (Shift +V), hold down the Alt / Option key, and click the one of the any of grid plane widgets to toggle between line, solid, and invisible. Take a look at the images below to get an idea of where the grid planes are and the difference between line, solid, and invisible.

Grid Planes

Line, Solid, Invisible

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6 thoughts on “Quickly Toggle a Perspective Grid’s Visibility

  1. Just a quicky – one thing that bugged me and i could not instantly find a obvious solution for (probably in my rush)…
    I accidentally clicked a button to turn this perspective grid on… But could find no way of turning it off – might be a bug in my version, but nothing worked – any ideas!

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