Quickly Pick Complement Color

Compliment Thumbnail

In Illustrator, it’s easy to pick a complement color of the current Fill or Stroke in the Color Panel. From the Pop-Up Menu of the Color Panel select Complement. If you are keyboard shortcut freak, like me, you can change to the complement color by Command Shift-clicking (Mac) or Ctrl-Shift-clicking (Win) on the Color Ramp at the bottom of the Color panel.

Picking Compliment

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15 thoughts on “Quickly Pick Complement Color

  1. Thanks for this tip! However, note that the ⌘+Shift+Color ramp click picks a slightly lighter color than going via the menu. Have no idea why.

    While playing around, I discovered that ⌥+Color ramp click will set the stroke color. And the combination ⌥+⌘+Color ramp click will set a complement stroke color. Handy!

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