5 Free Vector Packs From Designious.com


Designious is giving five free Vector Packs to five Vectips readers! It is easy to participate and these Vector Packs are essential tools for any designer. Moreover, Designious Royalty Free Vector Packs are full of vector wings, patterns, skulls, scrolls, buildings, florals, halftone elements, grunge elements and more! These are great for designing t-shirts, websites, print collateral and more.

How You Win

All you have to do is leave a comment on how you will use the Vector Pack if you win one! I’ll select the five most creative and compelling comments. Winners will be notified via email, so you MUST enter an email address while commenting.

The contest will run until the end of Monday November 3, 2008 and I will announce the winners on Wednesday November 5, 2008 ( I’m going to wait to announce the winners until after the US presidential elections, because some might be busy voting or watching voting coverage).

What You Will Get

If you win, you can choose one of  the Simple Vector Packs (not the Mega or Giga packs) from Designious.

About Designious

Designious is a design studio that creates great vector illustrations and design elements. All their work is hand draw and most of all is original. Their studio creates designs for web, print and apparel like t-shirt templates. To create their designs, They use professional Wacom Graphic Tablets and Adobe Illustrator. Every piece of work is vectorial.

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27 thoughts on “5 Free Vector Packs From Designious.com

  1. i will use it to create t-shirts that have a special message depending on ones preferences.
    i can also use it to design business cards that require a liitle edge in them
    thank you

  2. Well I’m a creative who’s just starting out with her an internship, lots of vector work comes onto my desk everyday, and the Vector packs would be ultra-helpful for me, inspire me, and hopefully help impress my boss, as well as a great learning tool!!

  3. I am creating a series of merch/ branding for a musician. That would really benefit from using some of the vectors for background and texture to give the designs some depth. They would really help the initial design get that awesome finishing touch.

    ~Aaron I

  4. I’m coming in last minute, as usual. I wish there was a product out there that had a bunch of cool vector designs that would save me some time when I’m working on t-shirts, websites, print collateral and more.

    I have five wonderful poodles that just love to “help” out when I’m working at my desk. If I had something like this I could spend more quality time with them.

    Aside from that, I’d probably start designing crazy things to tape on the outside of my office door at my day job. Things that would make people think twice before barging in when I’m on the phone or putting their feet on my desk when tying their shoes. You know, something that would inspire a little respect – like a grungy flying skull. Nothing says “respect this man” like a flying skull (perhaps even a flaming flying skull) taped to his door.

    I will hang the pleasant artwork I create with it in my office to maximize Chi. Perhaps some pretty floral patterns and scrolls filled with words of enlightenment.

    In my spare time I could reuse the empty software boxes to teach myself origami.

    In summary:

    I will save time.
    I will spend more time with my poodles.
    I will beautify the office.
    I will maximize Chi.
    I will gain the respect of my coworkers.
    I will learn origami.

    Thank you and good Karma to all.


  5. Well, I love vectors and would use these to spice up my work. I have a big project for a music website coming up, and could definitely use some awesome Designious vectors!

  6. Hi. great contest.
    I would use the vector pack in some of my projects, including t-shirt designs (personal and maybe for DBH), stencil art (ohh yeah!!), custom prints and maybe websites (not sure ’bout the last one, as backgroungds?).


  7. ooo, ooo, ooo, me! Pick ME! I’m a designer and a fine artist and I LOVE victor! I mean, vEctor! and I love Victor too, whoever he is -I’m sure he is great and wonderful. Yes, ME, pick me! I’m just in the process of starting up a screen-printing business. The vector pack would be well loved and cared for. I would name it Fred.

  8. Since my personal website is left unfinished for a long time. If I am the luck one, I will use it for finishing my idea. I will get a wings pack, using them as a base reference, and create a 3D one in Blender, finally create a 3D whole-flashed website with a big 3D wing.
    The vectors are quite fit for modeling reference since they consist of lines, which easy for us to define shapes in 3D.

  9. I’m a freelance-designing-stay-at-home-mom. Between getting my web design skills up to par, keeping up with current print clients and volunteering my design skills for the kids school, doesn’t leave much time for creating vector art. Some of these packages would free up my time to concentrate on designing instead of searching for art. Did I mention working it into digital displays?

  10. With these wonderful vector packs I promise to bring peace to war torn countries.

    Armed with a plethora of paths I will solve world hunger and end the constant abuse of positions of power in a way that Oprah and Bono could only dream about.

    Utilizing their infinite scalability I will simultaneously solve global warming and revolutionize advertising and introduce the SkyShade ad system (it will be a semi-transparent film of sorts between the Earth and the Sun that will projects ads everywhere there is sunlight).

    Finally, I will selectively use the best of what’s available in the Designious Vector Packs and create a relatively infinite number of slightly-above-amazing designs for all the world to enjoy.

  11. My design is too clean and corporate, just happens that way. Grabbing the Grunges package I would explore and experiment to widen the gamut of skills. Clean cut to deep down dirty, and most important a proper balance in the middle. Thanks Vectips and Designious.com

  12. i would spread the word all over europe to tell everybody who loves vectors to click on this straight forward, clean and very informational website.
    then i would take the buildings pack to convince customers to pimp their company buildings with some nice vectorstyles. i start here in munich, continue on in nyc for some bigger constructions and after that i’m heading for dubai – you know what ad space there is under construction right now, it’s called burj dubai and can display a 500+ meter vectips-logo…

    keep up the good work, thanks!

  13. I would use the vectors to design something for this Nigerian Prince who keeps e-mailing me asking me to design 50 banners. It seems like he could be a good client, because he says that he just inherited 85 million euros. So, you know, they would be put to good use. Thanks!

  14. The vector packs will help in creating custom crochet designs and print t-shirts. A group of friends and I have a ground-up handicrafts business we’re putting together, and the Vector packs would be really really helpful in giving us access to designs and ideas that we wouldn’t be able to afford at this stage in the game.

  15. I volunteer for The Neutral Zone, a non-profit teen center in Ann Arbor, MI. Every week my friends and I teach a group of teens all about screen printing, including design.

    The vector packs, especially the music or nature packs, will encourage the kids to compose some kick ass designs, especially the teens that aren’t can’t draw as well as others.

    Because you have to start with a design before you can screen print anything, some kids get frustrated when they cannot perfectly put down their ideas on paper. The vector packs will help them express themselves by giving them a vector to manipulate as opposed to drawing one out.

    Thanks for the great blog and for your time. Good luck to everyone.

  16. I am soon to complete my Multimedia Diploma, directly after which I will be setting up my own business, specializing in vector art and Graphic design, a vector pack would be a great help to me for many projects, including my own website design and indeed my current project- last weekend I was made Bulletin Designer for My Church.

    Thanks for all your great work, I look forward to more tips, tricks and tutorials.


  17. Well I will say Halloween is coming soon, and a lot of apparel work along with it, so I will mostly use them for this purpose and I bet they will come in very handy so in advance thanks for the great work that you guys put into those designs.

  18. I am creating a series of designs replicating stenciled street art. Each design uses a unique silhouette paired with a standard message. The People vector pack would greatly increase the number of possible variations (I am currently working with a small PS Brush set).

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