Create Your Own Folded Prize Tag Vectors!

tag vectors
Announce a contest or shop giveaway’s results in style with these folded, dimensional prize tag vectors. In this tag vectors tutorial you’ll skew objects with the Shear Tool, create custom brushes, use radial gradients in the place of drop shadows, and alter an object’s Blending Mode to render objects and strokes within the image.
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How to Draw a Running Shoe Achievement Icon in Adobe Illustrator

Running Shoe Achievement Icon thumbnailIt’s the perfect time of year to start running! Let’s get motivated and create a running shoe achievement icon in a trendy flat style! We will be working with basic geometric and use various tools and functions of Adobe Illustrator to make the shapes work together, building a balanced composition with dynamic elements. Ready, steady, GO!

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Create a Realistic Plexiglas® Plate Vector

plexiglass® plate vector Final Image
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a semi-realistic Plexiglas® Plate Vector in Adobe Illustrator. You will find out how to add shadows and highlights to your Plexiglas® Plate using different Blending Modes and finally how to create a conical gradient using the Envelope Distort technique. Let’s begin!

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