11 Vibrant Vector Websites That Will Inspire New Life In Your Web Designs


For today’s assortment, we have put together some interesting and creatively designed websites that are all created solely by using vector graphics. With vector graphics, you can enhance your existing site designs and take them to the next level. You can even blend different colors to create a unique shade that will bring your creation to life. So check out these exceptional examples of vector website designs. We hope this assortment will inspire you to create your own vector-based website.


On Departure

This is a vector-based web design that is solely made of vector elements–both its overall site design and the video on the site. Although, it is a very simple web design with minimal graphic elements, the character in the video was designed very carefully, and the body movements of this character displayed in the video really bring him (or her) to life.

Di Biasotto

This vector-based website design features loads of beautiful illustration along with some extravagant navigation. This French website puts its best foot forward in presenting the portfolio and showcasing the owners’ skills in an innovative way.

Latin Rogue Cleaning Services

Latin Rogue Cleaning Services, which offers home cleaning services, has carefully chosen the colors and content of its website to align with the services this business offers. This minimal design with nature color scheme works very well to coordinate with the brand image.

Ray’s Lab

With the main image used in this website design, the company very creatively gives its audience an idea about what they are and what they can do for them–very well done! To top it off, Ray’s Lab keeps this creativity flowing throughout the site for a truly consistent look, feel, and messaging.


Here is another vector website that has been created with great creativity to make it stand out among the rest. The characters in this web design look as real as the real men doing these jobs. With an innovative design such as this, a company can certainly raise the interest of their audience in the services their business offers.

Veboo Labs

The professional approach of this website design shows that there is a team of experienced web designers and developers behind this website. The catchiest piece of this web design is the tagline: “We’re so busy in building websites for others that we just can’t get ours up and running.” Very clever! However, their website is well designed and working perfectly. 🙂

Blue Acorn

Blue Acorn keeps its website design simple and clutter-free while presenting all the necessary information in a visually appealing manner. We especially love how interactive the vector images in the website are.  Click on the links in the top nav (the Attract, Build, and Optimize buttons), and enjoy the eye-catching creativity!

The Great Bearded Reef

This fun website design portrays the experienced and talented web designer behind this web design. The site provides all the necessary information, but does so in such a creative way that it sets this website a step ahead of the rest!


This website lets you post your resume and create an online portfolio to attract potential clients and employers. The website, on the contrary, is not what you call “mainstream professional” though. Rather, they’ve taken a topic that could potentially be boring and have set it apart by creating this fun web design with loads of amusing characters. It definitely grabbed our attention!

Moshi Monsters

This very funky, colorful and lively website design is designed with its target audience in mind–children. The website is a free and safe online game platform that lets your children adopt their own pet monster and go on amazing adventures together.


Through this environmental friendly vector-based website design, Morphix showcases it services such as web design, illustration and corporate & product identity. We love how the web design hints that their services can be used to create websites no matter the size and scale of a business, whether big town businesses or small town “Mom and Pops”.

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