Create a Wacom Bamboo Tablet – Part I of II

preview In this tutorial you will learn how to create a realistic Wacom Bamboo Tablet in Adobe Illustrator. You will find out how to add shadows and highlights to your Wacom Tablet using different Blending Modes, how to use the Round Any Corner Script and finally, how to create a nice textured background. Let’s begin!     Continue reading

7 Undeniable Design Principles You Can’t Ignore


What is design theory and how can you put it to work for you? I’ll cover the principles of design that propel good design to great design. Superficial instruction, where you’re simply told what to do to get a specific result has its place, but you won’t find any of that here—only principles squarely aimed at applying design fundamentals to increase the effectiveness of your work. Take a look.

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Vectips Hiatus

After four years of creating tutorials, tips, and hunting for vector art inspiration for Vectips, I’m taking a break and putting Vectips on a hiatus. I didn’t come to this decision easily and below I outline some of the reasons that I made this decision. I also talk about the future of Vectips and other possibilities. I really have enjoyed creating and maintaining Vectips. My career path is changing but I hope Vectips will still have a bright future!

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Fit Text Frame to Content Script

Script: Fit Text Frame to Content

Nathaniel Kelso created a couple of really handy scripts to fit text boxes to their content. This might seem like a really basic problem, but these problems are usually the most annoying. There is a script for a text box’s Depth and a script for the text box’s Width. If you work with a bunch of typography in Illustrator I’m sure they will come in handy. Thanks to John Wundes for pointing it out. Download the script here (you need to scroll down a little ).

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Move Pattern Tiles Manually

I get some great email questions from Vectips readers and sometimes they even answer their own questions, making for great tips! Which leads me to… you can use the tilde (~) key to mannually move pattern tiles. For example, select an object with a pattern tile applied to it, hold down the tilde key, and move it with the arrow keys or one of the selection tools! Pretty handy.

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