10 Inspiring Business Cards That Stand Out From the Crowd of Competition

BusinesscardsWe all know that giving a well designed business card to a potential client is very important because it represents you and your business as well. In this inspirational collection, you will find 10 innovative business card designs that really stand out from the crowd. But one thing to note is that when designing a business card of your own, you need to keep you the layout as simple as possible because you don’t want your client to search too much for the email or for the phone number, right? 🙂


Racu Virginia

I really love how Virginia converted the back of the card in a mini resume, and I also like how she used different shades of blue and white in order to create the icons.



FĂ©lix Paula

Felix did a great job! Although he used all the space of the business card with the landscape design, the contact info is center aligned, very clear, and easy to read.



Heba Elsafty

Simple, nice colors and great layout using unique shapes. I also like that everything is center aligned, even the contact info from the front of the card.



Rebeca Alvarez

Very fun and colorful flat design of a character who I assume is Rebeca herself. Great job, Rebeca!




First of all, I like the unique fox icon and also the vibrant colors the designer used. You can discover the rest of the branding package by clicking on the image below.



Chez Valois

I love this unconventional and unique design–different from all I had seen before. The engineering effect in this business card design uses 3D design elements to create an upward trending graph. Simply a brilliant job!



SLTWTR Creative Agency

I’m not a big fan of vertical business cards, but this one has something special. Again I love the logo, and I also like the way the designer created the lines and chose a font that gives the cards a handmade look.



Daniel Duplex

This is the first time I’ve see a folded business card. This technique gives you much more space to promote your business rather than just providing the typical contact info. You actually can transform it into a mini brochure! Isn’t that great?



Mohammad Ali Nemati

One thing I can say about this one: very vibrant! Great color usage, and I also like the layout. Mohammad also did a stellar job in using white space to balance the back with the front of the card.



Greg Healy

And here’s the piece de resistance–this is my favorite business card from this collection and one of the great business card I’ve seen lately! Look at the logo, look at the paper texture, everything is how it should be. And also check out how the paper is folded in order to create a shirt collar–fabulous!

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5 thoughts on “10 Inspiring Business Cards That Stand Out From the Crowd of Competition

  1. I love Mohammad’s cards a lot, for its vibrant colors it goes a long way with its organized content. Fox mobile is quite clean and crisp but still does enough to turn heads

  2. what type of printing did they used on “Mohammad Ali Nemati” BC? It’s so sharp, it can’t be digital printings, but also there are too many colors for offset.

    • I agree Mohammad’s card is nice, but that’s not too many colors for offset. I work at a print shop with multiple 6 color presses and those colors can be produced using process colors with fantastic results. It may have been printed with Pantone colors requiring multiple passes on the press, but that is quite expensive for a business card.

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