Exchanging Swatches

Swatch Exchange

Even though I love Illustrator, I use the other Adobe products frequently. I use Photoshop all the time with elements I have created in Illustrator. Having the correct color and swatches is essential and I always found it frustrating getting all the correct colors into other CS3 programs. Finally I learned a fast and consistent way to exchange swatches from Illustrator to the other CS3 programs.

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Quickly Edit Shapes in Illustrator

Edit Shapes Thumbnail

Sometimes I get very lazy, especially illustrating. I don’t want to draw things a couple of times to see if I like it. This happens all the time with the Star Tool. I usually have to draw the shape a few times to see how many points I like and see if the radius is the right size . Not any more! You just drag out the star shape, press a couple of buttons and you have a burst just the way you like it!

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