10 New Vector Freebies for January 2014

freebie #2If you’re about to create an app, website, or really anything relating to the graphic design field or just looking to increase your collection of resources, here you will find the best free stuff! Each month, we’re going collect our favorite vector and Illustrator freebies to feature in a roundup. Here is the second edition of this series, so check out these awesome vector icons, patterns, banners and other useful Illustrator resources! Have other freebies you’d like to share with the Vectips community? We’d love to know–just leave a comment below.

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Create a Simple Thermometer lllustration in Adobe Illustrator

Preview In the following tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple thermometer illustration in Adobe Illustrator. For starters you will learn how to set up a simple grid, how to create the pixel perfect main shape and how to add subtle shading. Next using basic blending and vector shape building techniques and taking full advantage of the Appearance panel, you will learn how to create the thermometer tube. Finally, you will learn how to create a simple grid using two tiny paths and a bunch of Transform effects.

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13 Creative Vector Robot Artworks

Vector Robot

In this compilation, we are presenting some beautiful robot vector artwork. There was a time when robots were considered as fantasy, but in this age of science and technology, robots are a reality in today’s world.  Even though robots are merely machines, designers are using them as an object of inspiration to draw beautiful artwork from.

Here is the full collection of vector robot artwork for you. We hope that you will like this collection and will find this collection inspiring. Feel free to share your opinions with us via comment section below. Your comments are always more than welcome. Enjoy!
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15 Creative Vector Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Vector Wallpapers

To start off 2014, here’s a collection of some excellent and eye catching vector wallpapers that you can decorate your desktop with this year. These lovely, divine and beautiful vector wallpapers collection were selected from artistic designers around the world, each handpicked for the unique and artistic touches. You can easily find the most suitable wallpapers for your screen as they are available in most screen resolutions.

So, let us add some life to your desktop and refresh it with these wallpapers. We hope this assortment will inspire you to greater artistic heights for 2014!

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