10 Inspiring Business Cards That Stand Out From the Crowd of Competition

BusinesscardsWe all know that giving a well designed business card to a potential client is very important because it represents you and your business as well. In this inspirational collection, you will find 10 innovative business card designs that really stand out from the crowd. But one thing to note is that when designing a business card of your own, you need to keep you the layout as simple as possible because you don’t want your client to search too much for the email or for the phone number, right? :)
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10 Awesome Logo Designs That Will Innovate Your Next Emblem Design


The name of a business sets the tone of an entity as well as defines the service expectations for potential buyers. Therefore, the success of a business weighs heavily on the company name. Additionally, a logo further defines a business, but it appeals to only one of our five basic humanistic senses–our sense of vision. A logo further defines a business and allows for easier visual recognition from buyers. So for today’s inspiration, we’ve rounded up a few well done logo designs that we hope will inspire your logo designs.


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How to Fire Up Your Designs Using This Awesome Vector Fire Text Effect

previewIn this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create custom vector fire. We’ll use custom art brushes, and will alter shapes with the Blend Tool and manipulate the look of your strokes and objects with Blending Modes in order to create a text treatment that is on FIRE. With the recent changes made to the Pencil Tool, mouse users will have no trouble following along, so fire up Adobe Illustrator CC and let’s get going.

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