10 Useful Design Freebies From DealFuel

Design Freebies from DealFuel

Most all designers use one or more design resources to help with their design projects. But finding the right design resources that perfectly suit your current projects’ requirements is a difficult and time-consuming task. You need to make sure that the design resource that you use is compatible with your project and is easy to download and work with.

To help simplify the process of finding design resources, our friends at DealFuel have put together a list of some of popular design resources for you to use for free! These design freebies are sure to enhance your graphics collections and simplify many a design project.

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Spookify Your Halloween Designs with this Bat Pattern Vector!

Bat Pattern VectorIn the following tutorial you will learn how to create a pretty detailed Bat Pattern Vector in Adobe Illustrator. For starters you will learn how to setup a simple grid and how to create the main shape using pixel perfect shapes, basic vector shape building techniques and the Live Corners feature. Moving on you will learn how to add subtle shading and highlights for your bat shape using basic blending techniques along with the brush tool. Finally, you will learn how to prepare, save and easily edit your pattern.

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Quick Tutorial: Adding Gradients to Text

adding gradients to text

I’m sure a bunch of you have seen this technique before in other blogs or are already aware of adding gradients to text, but it is worth mentioning for those that don’t know this technique. Moreover, I found that adding an extra step to this known technique, enables you add transparent gradients to text in Illustrator CS4 while still keeping the text editable!

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Create a Highlighter Text Effect Vector in Adobe Illustrator

Highlighter Text Effect VectorIn the following tutorial you will learn how to create a simple highlighter text effect vector in Adobe Illustrator using a set of detailed pattern brushes. For starters you will learn how to setup a simple grid and how to create your highlighter using basic blending and vector shape building techniques along with some warp and transform effects. Next, you will learn how to save a set of simple patterns and how to create your four pattern brushes. Finally, using your brushes and a neat pattern you will learn how to create your text effect and a nice background.

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Custom Dusty Grunge Font Vector Treatment

grunge font vector

Just because we’re working in Illustrator doesn’t mean we have to create clean geometric artwork all the time. With just a couple tips and some custom artwork you can create 100% vector artwork that is grainy, dusty, and dingy – an awesome grunge font vector. Plus, these grunge font vector techniques are easy to apply to all kinds of graphics other than typography.

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35 Amazing Fonts Now Available in This October Font Bundle!


We are always excited to see the latest bundle from the guys over at TheHungryJPEG.com, and we are never disappointed! The Beautiful October bundle is definitely no exception. The 33 fonts included are all so unique that we don’t know which to use first! Plus there are two bonus fonts and lots of bonus goodies such as funky catchwords, watercolour backgrounds and much more. This pack isn’t just fonts though..

Those of you who love premium graphics will be in their element as this bundle includes 19 huge packs, from banners, doodles and florals to papers, nautical graphics and photography overlays! As always, all items come with commercial licences and useful documentation to help you know exactly what’s included in your purchase so you get the most out of your latest TheHungryJPEG.com bundle. See some of the awesome items included here:
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