Creating Seamless Textures and Seamless Backgrounds in Illustrator

Seamless Textures in Illustrator

I think you’ll all agree that Illustrator is just plain awesome, and with the continual improvements we see with each new version, it keeps getting better and better. Previously, I created  seamless textures for typography and seamless backgrounds for my web and illustration projects with Photoshop. But we’ve seen large improvements with the Appearance panel in more recent versions of Illustrator, so now I create these textures and backgrounds solely in Illustrator–it’s actually super easy!

So in today’s tutorial, I’ll walk you through the  steps on how to create a variety of seamless textures and backgrounds all in Adobe Illustrator.

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100+ Free Vintage Badges That Are All the Rage!

vintage labelsRetro styled and vintage badges and labels are very popular among designers these days. They can add a classic feeling to any web or print project, especially if they are paired with great typography. And they’re even better when they’re free! Check out this collection of 100+ free vintage badges and labels and start using them in your next projects.
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10 Distinct Brochures That Will Dare Your Designs To Be Different


In this inspirational roundup, you will find ten unique brochures that will put that creative spark back in otherwise humdrum brochure designs. Some of these brochures simply have a great design, and others have another distinct feature like 3d design elements that really make them stand out. Brochures and flyers are a very important element when it comes to promoting your firm. They represent you and what you do. When designing brochures and flyers, you’ll want to be sure to include all of the relevant info, but too much text can be boring and hard to read. So keep it simple. Have some great brochures design? Share them with us in the comments! :)
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