10 Awesome Logo Designs That Will Innovate Your Next Emblem Design


The name of a business sets the tone of an entity as well as defines the service expectations for potential buyers. Therefore, the success of a business weighs heavily on the company name. Additionally, a logo further defines a business, but it appeals to only one of our five basic humanistic senses–our sense of vision. A logo further defines a business and allows for easier visual recognition from buyers. So for today’s inspiration, we’ve rounded up a few well done logo designs that we hope will inspire your logo designs.


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How to Fire Up Your Designs Using This Awesome Vector Fire Text Effect

previewIn this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create custom vector fire. We’ll use custom art brushes, and will alter shapes with the Blend Tool and manipulate the look of your strokes and objects with Blending Modes in order to create a text treatment that is on FIRE. With the recent changes made to the Pencil Tool, mouse users will have no trouble following along, so fire up Adobe Illustrator CC and let’s get going.

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10 Top-Notch Free Vectors That Will Present Your Designs In Style

freebie #2If you are looking for graphic resources for presenting your designs or for promoting your business, there are tons of freebies all of around the web that you can download and use! Each month, we collect our favorite vector and Illustrator freebies to feature in a roundup. Here is our February edition which includes several presentation design resources, so whether you’re creating a poster, banner ads, or even an mobile app, these vector graphics are sure to come in handy. Have other freebies you’d like to share with the Vectips community? We’d love to know–just leave a comment below.

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How to Quickly Straighten Your Vectors with SubScribe’s Orient Tool


Do you often find yourself having to straighten vectors in your artwork, perhaps when it’s been passed across to you from another designer? This can be a tedious task with the tools available in native Illustrator and can be time consuming. So to help you out Astute Graphics has developed SubScribe, a free plug-in, which aligns your artwork perfectly with a few easy clicks!
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